Parking Solutions LLC is based in Tallahassee, Florida. From the beginning we were dedicated to providing excellent parking services for all types of local businesses and events.

Our staff is well trained and professional, bringing you the success and energy you deserve. Parking Solutions LLC responds quickly to meet the different needs of every client.

Parking Solutions LLC offers parking management services aimed at improving your customer satisfaction. We cover small lots and valet services for restaurants, airports, hospitals and more.

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Parking Solutions LLC is a perfect solution for any private event.

With our organized staff and managers, we provide a convenience that will make all guests comfortable in any situation.

Our parking attendants are available to assist with any emergency that may arise. Shuttles and parking supervisors, as well as hosting services, are available for larger venues.

Parking Solutions LLC attendants are well trained in escorting guests into and out of vehicles. We offer our services at indoor and outdoor events and pride ourselves on making these events run smoothly and stress free.

Parking Solutions LLC’s valet services are perfect for large wedding events. Our professional staff will assist in parking each vehicle in a secure location and answer any questions regarding directions.

With our experience Parking Solutions LLC will relieve some of the stress that tends to come with weddings. Contact us for more information on parking services for wedding events.

Parking Solutions LLC’s emphasis on safety
and security is what builds long lasting relationships with our clients.

We offer custom programs that will fit all types of needs and budgets.

Parking Solutions LLC realizes that each parking facility is unique and requires tailored solutions. Whether your lot is expanding or you just need help maintaining an existing lot, our Parking Managers can offer various solutions to fit your needs.

With our self-serve and automated lots Parking Solutions LLC has the experience needed to ensure your parking facility is financially successful. Consider utilizing Parking Solutions LLC and click here for a quote on our parking lot services.

Undergoing background checks, training, and daily supervision, our staff is equipped to assist with all parking service needs. At Parking Solutions LLC our staff have the knowledge and tools to make sure the job is done correctly.

Safety is a vital concern at Parking Solutions LLC, Our Parking Managers are capable of locating and solving any unsafe scenario, providing a secure environment for quests.

Parking Management

Conference / Expo Management

Parking Solutions LLC’s valet and parking services are perfect for alleviating conference parking concerns for guests. With our managers available 24 hours a day to deal with any issues, we are able to blend in with any operation.

Our staff ‘s professional and respectful appearance mixed with excellent training makes them capable of handling any situation.

Parking Solutions LLC’s excellent customer service and safety is what makes our parking services stand out.

Parking Garage Management

Parking Solutions LLC offers efficient parking garage management by using the most up-to-date technology. We understand each parking garage needs to manage expenses, bringing in the most revenue. Our comprehensive reports will provide all kinds of revenue breakdowns to our client. In doing so, we can guarantee that the most profitable approaches are being used.

Our courteous and professional staff will provide on site services needed for each unique environment. Parking Solutions LLC trains each staff member extensively, ensuring each facility runs efficiently and with the highest safety measures in mind.

Parking Solutions LLC knows that each parking garage operates differently. To provide the most effective services we provide consultations with our Parking Managers that are there to answer any questions or concerns.

If the stresses of parking garage management are affecting you, Parking Solutions LLC can provide professional and dedicated services to ease the headaches.

Corporate Event Management

Parking Solutions LLC has the experience needed to make your corporate event memorable. Our valet parking combined with catering services will ensure any event goes smoothly.

Our staff will offer a sense of decorum while providing an important feeling of safety. Parking Solutions LLC has plenty of reserve staff members to make sure your guests will never have to wait for valet services.

We know how important it is to keep consistent communication with the event planners, allowing the event to go off without a flaw. On top of that, our managers are on-call to solve any issue that may arise.

Parking Solutions LLC is committed to quality customer service. Our professionalism will make any corporate event easy and entertaining for guests. To find out more about our parking services for corporate events, request a free quote.

Valet Parking Management

Parking for large urban facilities like hospitals, restaurants and airports can be greatly alleviated with proper valet services. Parking Solutions LLC’s efficient valet services can increase revenue and attract customers, leaving you to fully focus on your own business.


With professional valet parking, patrons will be instantly amazed by the decorum and sophistication our staff provides. This personal contact with customers elevates the appearance of the business and leaves patrons happy wanting to come back.  We train our staff to value and respect each patron leaving them with a positive experience.


Parking Solutions LLC offers valet services to all types of restaurants. We strive to accurately serve the unique needs of each restaurant while evolving with any changes that may arise. By providing this service, Parking Solutions LLC can increase business and revenue while leaving each customer with a pleasant experience.


Valet parking can set your company apart from other local retail businesses. Parking Solutions LLC aims at making each experience as easy as possible for every customer.

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